Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What's next...


A number of new singlecreatives coming your way in the next couple of days...

A bit of good news Rob Ganguly our very first single creative has now teamed up with a chap named Abdul. Success. Proof that it works if you like... We'll be in touch with their progress.

If you'd like to feature just get in touch.

For now though, We've got a great event coming up in collaboration with Polly & the HYC Collective:

'The Search Party' //

In Brief:

It is all about getting creatives together and helping them find the perfect match. This 'speed dating' style networking event allows you to quickly meet a large number of creatives in a short space of time, and may even leave time for cupcake eating too!

There will be plenty of time afterwards for meeting people & getting some digits / links.

The Nitty Gritty:
Who can come?: Anyone & Everyone
Time: 3 - 5 PM (2.45 PM for registration) - After party drinks from 5pm.
Date: Tuesday 11th May 2010
Place: Marvel196 Fulham Road, London SW10 9PN

(click on the map for - errr - more specific map details)

Space is limited, so the sooner you get in touch the better :)

Unfortunately, Most of us will be unable to attend due to work commitments, but I'm sure Polly will make it a big success... Stay tuned for more info.

Drop us a lovely little message at hello@singlecreatives.com and we'll forward your details.

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