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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Meet Sean Carey...


I'm an Art Director currently at McCann Manchester and like everyone else it seems, in need of a copywriter. 

I like to make stuff, if you do to but with words - give me a shout.


Meet Anh Nguyen...


I graduated from portfolio school in Atlanta last year and have been freelancing in NYC for the last three months (Grey and Campbell Ewald). Now I’m ready to go back to Europe to pursue my advertising dream and also be closer to home. I’m originally from Vietnam, but my family now lives in Ukraine and I spent seven years studying and working in the UK before moving to the US for school.

I’m looking for an AD soulmate who has deep appreciation for concept and craft, who is excited about innovation and technology and how they can drive creativity forward. I consider myself a writer who doesn’t just write (I’m great with After Effects), so my ideal partner would be someone who doesn’t just art direct either.

Check me out and get in touch!

MOBILE: +1 (470) 535-7314

Meet Oliver Minett...


My names Oliver, I'm a 21 year old man who has recently graduated as a graphic designer. 

I have a keen interest in creative advertising and I would love the opportunity to work in this field. 

I unfortunately have no work experience in this field yet so I would be after a partner at internship level.

I may not have the best portfolio but I'm desperate to change that and progress as a designer! 

I'm very enthusiastic and I'm to willing to do whatever is required to succeed.

Meet James Stedman...


London dwelling, big ol' creative beardy type. Can write, can't draw, try to anyway. Ideas are good. New ones are even better.

I've worked for a number of places over the past 7 odd years I've been doing this thing. Got a bunch of work for some great clients like Carlsberg, McDonald's, Haribo, and British Gas.

I'm currently freelancing, and I'm looking for an Art Director to team up with either for freelance or perm.


Meet Adam Burns...


I'm Adam, a freelance mid-weight copywriter. I have just returned from four years in Sydney and South America, working for DDB, Havas and WiTH Collective. My time in South America was spent walking to the Brazil World Cup, in a campaign I launched independently with Airbnb, which garnered worldwide coverage.

I am returning to Europe due to a family illness and my Aussie partner did not want to leave the Lucky Country. Ideally I am looking to move to Amsterdam, but am open to any European opportunities. I am looking for an Art Director or an Art Director/Copywriter hybrid.

I spent the first four years of my career working as a PR and Experiential creative and the last three as a copywriter, so have worked across a broad reach of briefs.

I'm hungry to win awards and smash out a few more side projects.

MOBILE: 07867930702 

Meet Yury Vorobev...


Hi my name is Yury and I'm a London based Russian mid-weight creative(Art Director) with seven years of experience. Since 2013 I've been storming the London industry and it resulted in working for the big boys such as McGarryBowen (perm), Adam and Eve DDB (freelance), M&C Saatchi (perm) as well as going through the fair bunch of placements. 

I do believe that over the time everyone needs to get evolved. So for the last year-ish I have been mastering my advertising skills at the UAL (MA Advertising), where I experimented with strategic and planning thinking. Since I have nailed my Master’s I can't wait to get back to the business. Again. 

I am looking for a mid-weight copywriter who knows what it's like and yet doesn't take the industry seriously, doesn't care about the lions, pencils and all that crap. Someone who really-really enjoys creating stuff, writing/witting stuff, producing stuff and delivering stuff. Someone who has a true hunger to make a difference without being obsessed to make it.

Drop me a text/e-mail and we will figure it out.


Meet Suraj Chauhan...


Heyy, I'm Suraj a Junior Creative/Art Director. I graduated from Leeds College of art and currently live in Leicester. I'm looking to move down to London with a great copy writer/creative who doesn't mind me talking a lot, or wearing black all the time and would like to join up with me as a creative team. I'm looking for new opportunities with anyone who wants to break into the industry as a creative team and enjoys a good laugh and a pint or a cup of green tea.

I have a years experience of working at various agencies. My longest placement was 6 months as a Creative and 4 months as Junior in another agency. 

Get in touch if you like what you see, or would like collaborate.


Meet San Ngan...


Hello I’m San, originally from Hong Kong, an art director based in London looking for a placement level other half to go.

I’m a graduate of Creative Advertising from the University of Lincoln, been practicing photography/filming/editing for a pair of good visual eyes before approaching advertising. 

Give me a shout if any of my work stands out to you!

Meet Daniel Scott...


My name is Scott. Dan Scott. I am a junior creative with experience from working at Mother London, coming straight out of Watford. 

I'm looking for a copywriter, but what is most important for me is someone I can be best mates with, that’s where I believe great work comes from.

So it would be nice to have regular bonding sessions at the pub!

My game plan is simple at the moment, secure a placement at a good agency in London, and build it from there!

So let’s sort out a date, and go to the ball!

Meet Tori McGoogan...


Hi! My name is Tori McGoogan. I'm an art director living in San Francisco. I also make heart-shaped banana bread and have a cat named Bruce Springsteen that I over-photograph. 

Here's an old, familiar story of an artist-turned-art director: I studied art in undergrad, then worked as a designer for a few years before going back to school at the VCU Brandcenter for an MS in advertising and art direction. Since graduating, I've been freelancing as an art director at Facebook's in-house creative agency.


Sunday, 15 January 2017

Meet Tom Carter...


I'm a copywriter with a camera, currently carving my own path into the creative industry and having a bunch of fun in the process. I have studied at Bucks New Uni, DMJX in Copenhagen and I'm now in my final year at Falmouth University, it's beautiful here. I have 3 placements under my belt with some cool agencies but more importantly I have a good head on my shoulders. I'm looking to meet a like minded individual that not only shares the struggle of finding a partner on the same wave length but someone who is still at uni and hoping to take on London next summer.

Please check out my work and say hello @t0m_carter / instalyfe on instagram.

Meet Andrei Foresi...


I’m a concept-driven, smart-thinking, tech-junkie mid/senior art director.
But it’s not art for art’s sake or tech for tech’s sake with me. I want to understand each client’s problem. Then I can get to work solving it in an original and effective way – being creative and disruptive while building brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Mine’s a what if approach. I believe a winning idea can’t be narrowed to specific media. And digital isn’t limited to social networks, banners, mobile apps or whatever. The concept and the opportunity are everything. I work well with writers, planners, strategists, developers, designers, and photographers. 

Pen and paper are my starting point, but I’m a hands-on art director as well.


MOBILE: +44 7508440117

Meet Andy Thomas


I'm Andy - a junior copywriter in London looking to team up with an Art Director to develop killer ideas together and for creative team job opportunities.

I'm passionate about ideas that aren't just creative, but that get real results for the client.

If this sounds like you, drop me a line!

Meet Tim van der Mee...


I am Tim van der Mee a Creative Art director from Amsterdam and I love good insights and concept!

I have recently graduated from my advertising course at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. But now I dropped all my stuff in the Netherlands and moved from Amsterdam to London to work as an Art director.

Why? Just because I like to throw myself in a new environment and get lost. It stimulates my creativity! And I was just a little bit bored in the Netherlands. 

Now I am trying to find my new soul mate. That one shoulder where I can cry on in hard times. Or just because we had this awesome idea. So I need someone who can write the speech, the one we need to give on the Cannes Lions stage because we won a grand prix!  Because with this gramma I never win an award in advertising!

So all copywriters out there if you like my work, send me the love and lets get in touch!