Sunday, 15 January 2017

Meet Tim van der Mee...


I am Tim van der Mee a Creative Art director from Amsterdam and I love good insights and concept!

I have recently graduated from my advertising course at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. But now I dropped all my stuff in the Netherlands and moved from Amsterdam to London to work as an Art director.

Why? Just because I like to throw myself in a new environment and get lost. It stimulates my creativity! And I was just a little bit bored in the Netherlands. 

Now I am trying to find my new soul mate. That one shoulder where I can cry on in hard times. Or just because we had this awesome idea. So I need someone who can write the speech, the one we need to give on the Cannes Lions stage because we won a grand prix!  Because with this gramma I never win an award in advertising!

So all copywriters out there if you like my work, send me the love and lets get in touch! 


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