Sunday, 15 January 2017

Meet Kathryn Slater...


Hello! My name is Kathryn and I'm a Junior Creative Copywriter. I'm London b as ed and driven by clever ideas and witty, brilliant copy. I have a degree in Creative Writing and have been writing copy for over three years. I have eight months' experience at digital agency Jaywing, and I'm desperately seeking a brilliant creative partner to crack Adland alongside.  

I'm a relentless and resilient ideas person and I'd ideally like to find an artsy designer type who I can bounce concepts off and who can (hopefully) scamp-up our ideas better than I can. I'm highly collaborative and get along well with all sorts of folk. Please don't be put off my my lack of placements - I'm positively determined to break into the industry and I'm full of great ideas - I just need a chance. 

Personally, I'm an old soul. I like old 70's music, dark humour and tea. And would probably favour the latter over a night on the town. Oh, and I probably know more Simpsons jokes than you do. You can decide for yourself whether that's something to boast about.

MOBILE: 07500862899

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