Friday, 18 December 2015

Meet Rohan Farrell...


I am a Junior Art Director in need of an amazing copywriter as I seemed to be lost for words :'(. I have experience working in agencies in Leeds, Birmingham and London, with my most recent experiences being at McCann and OgilvyOne. 

I see myself as an conceptual creative who takes ideas from what's around me and I also pride myself on my insightful truths.

Please get in touch if you want to help me take over the advertising world. 

Meet Mark Bentley...


This is the brief.

Objective:  Get placements in London.
Insight:  People like people who are like them.
Strategy: Find someone to work with.
Likes:  Oh Brother Where Art thou, Radiohead, Chocolate Cake, Curzon Home Cinema, Game of Thrones, Jorge Luis Borges. Chinese Chicken.
Dislikes:  Coriander, Justin Bieber, Lateness.  Icey Floors.  Chafing.  High pitch noises.

Idea:  Let’s meet and see how it works.


MOBILE: +44 (0)7443584088

Meet Paul Bond...


Hey, my name’s Paul and I’ve been a Creative Copywriter at BURN, a marketing agency in Richmond, for about two and a half years now.
We’re looking for a Junior Art Director/Designer who could work both on their own and as my creative partner. I’d love to find someone with a conceptual brain, but it’s important you have quality design skills as well.
It’s a full-time role with a competitive salary based on experience, and we’d work together on conceptual briefs, as well as separately on bread-and-butter stuff like emails, letters, brochures etc.
Chemistry is really important to me, so it’s important we get on well. I love a good concept and have a lot of respect for creative thinkers.
Ideally we’re after someone with 2-3 years’ experience, but obviously if you blow our minds then we’re flexible.
If you like what you’re reading, or have any questions, then feel free to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from all you awesome creatives.

MOBILE: +44 (0)7931156056

Meet Valentine Balanovich...


Hi creatives! My name is Valentine and I’m a 4 years’ experienced Copywriter from New York.

I worked at GREY, BBDO, JWT and few strong creative boutiques from Russia and Ukraine. Among my clients were Heineken, Disney, Volkswagen, KIA, Mazda, Danone, Whiskas, Bosch etc. Through my career I was generating ideas for ATL, BTL, DIGITAL and AMBIENT.
If I work, I work hard. If I don’t, you can find me in the nearest park with some book. So, if you’re interested to build a team with me, you have to be ready that we will work 24/7

By the way, I’m also a football (soccer) player, Guy Ritchie fan and obsessed reader.

In addition, I got some festival honors, including EPICA and Cannes Lions. Hope, somebody knows Art Director in NY who is looking for a Copywriter.


Thursday, 10 December 2015

Meet Lucy Kaitcer...


I’m an extremely passionate conceptual art director and creative thinker with over two years’ creative agency experience. I love working with ideas and creating campaigns, which not only make people think, but change the way people behave.
I’ve worked in integrated creative agencies for the past few years, working with clients including British Airways, Barclays, Tesco, Manchester United and Aldi in both above and below the line campaigns.
I'm reaching out for a partner after being made redundant from my current role at BBH London. I'm looking for a conceptual copywriter with a year or two experience in creative agencies, looking for a new challenge, or solo copywriters already placed within an agency seeking a partner.
 If you like what you see, please get in touch…

MOBILE: +447949702485

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Meet Lav...


Full-time weirdo looking for a partner in crime and maybe doing some ads. 

I've done 5 placements after finishing at SCA 2.0. Mr. President, M&C Saatchi and VCCP with my old partner. Sadly my partner got deported (he's an Aussie). I was at Havas Work Club for a bit as a single, and then worked with someone at AMV (where I'm at now until xmas) but we've decided to part ways. 

I'm looking for an Art Director who is laid back and fun and works just as well in a pub as they do at their desk. Ideally it would be someone with a bit of experience under their belt as I'd be keen to get hired asap, but it's all down to the portfolio and how well we get on really!

I've attached a few ideas (rest are on my old portfolio), the embedded video, won a New Blood D&AD Pencil in 2014. I like to do non-advertising kind of advertising, led by insights and solving problems. 

PORTFOLIO: (old portfolio with ex partner)
PORTFOLIO: (work in progress, but it's got some non-ad stuff I've done)
MOBILE: 07769320235

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Meet Dario D'amo...


Are you a creative Copywriter looking for a new challenge with an international
creative agency? 

Are you looking for lifelong commitment (Creative team)? 

I'm a middleweight creative art director with 7 years experience in Adland. 
I'm from Italy, now living in London and looking for a partner to do the doodles
while he/she scribble the words.

I have ranged from design to direction, from digital to classic advertising,
developing engaging ideas through multiple channels on or offline. Talkative and
socialble, with a good sense of humor (TBH I believe it is a secret to be a

If you like to keep in touch with me or just drink a beer or tea write me a

Meet Matthew Dunn...


Warmest greetings to you all!

Looking for a Junior Copywriter who has some experience under their belt and is able to do a mean dinosaur impression. 

I'm a junior art director (& most handsome man in Birmingham - mum) I have a year and half experience in the industry. Previously I worked at Heyhuman for year then moved on to do try my hand at freelance which I have been doing since.

Get in touch if you like to laugh and work and we'll take it from there. 

MOBILE: +44 (0)7890408955 

Meet Ali Gill...


Hi, I’m Ali – I’m looking for a creative partner in crime. I’m a bit of an all-round creative (I studied English, then did a foundation course in Graphic Design), but I’m ideally looking for an art director.
I’ve been round agencies trying to get hired as a solo creative, so have built up some good contacts, but have pretty much been told to come back with a partner.
I like ‘traditional’ advertising that doesn’t look or feel like advertising (Paul Belford’s art direction, Walter Campbell and Jonathan Glazer’s TV ads), ads that are brutally honest (Marmite, Hans Brinker etc.) and everything done by 4Creative in the last 3 years.
I’d want to put some new work together and then get placements fairly quickly, so I’m looking for someone who loves hard work, but is capable of having a laugh whilst doing so.
If this sounds like your sort of thing then please drop me an email, then we can grab a coffee/pint and discuss teaming up.

Meet Charles Anderson...


Hello fellow singles, 

Currently, I'm working at ArnoldKLP as a Junior Art Director(creative). My previous partner has recently flown to the other side of the world to get married and start a new life. This has opened up a spare seat next to me for a fun, talented and enthusiastic creative. 

Previously, I worked for JWT (creative) and Brash Brands (as a designer) and interned at Pentagram. Before then I studied Graphic Design at Kingston University

If you like what you see send me message and we'll go for a beer or a coffee.
More work can be found on my site, enjoy.

Charles Anderson