Sunday, 31 January 2016

Meet Gus Ocampo...


A  Spanish Creative/AD & Designer with over 10 years experience in advertising & design. Based in London for the last 6 years of my career, I have created bespoke advertising campaigns, responsive websites, mobile applications, UI and games that have reached audiences across the world for renowned brands. With a strong record of crafting campaigns from scratch, conceptualising and thinking strategically to produce effective solutions. My passion for numerous artistic and graphic disciplines comes in abundance, this is then reflected in extreme dedication to my work and a keen eye for photography, typography, layout and composition. I like working in creative hands-on teams, where knowledge is shared freely and learning from each other is a daily occurrence.


TWITTER: @atajografico

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Meet Aron Sidhu...


Want to work at the best agency outside of London?

I'm Aron Sidhu, a Copywriter who currently works at the Leith Agency in Edinburgh.

I'm looking for an Art Director to come and join me here. You'd have between 3-6 years agency experience, some tasty ads in your book and some awards wouldn't hurt either.

At the Leith, you'll get to work on all briefs, big and small. Our clients include: IRN-BRU, Tennent's lager, Road Safety, Greener Scotland, Organ Donation, Famous Grouse and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

If you fancy it, give me a shout. 

Meet Arianna Carboni...


I’m Arianna, Junior Art Director looking for a creative partner (copywriter).
A bit about me: I’m Italian and I studied Graphic Design at the University of the Arts of London. Since I graduated (in 2014) I had a short experience working as an assistant producer and 2AAssistant Director for a TV commercial production company. I very much enjoyed this experience and it allowed me to improve my film skills and where I had so much fun! I then went on to doing  3 placements at Isobel, Karmarama, The Bank and Iris Worldwide. At the moment, I’m looking for a partner with a similar artistic background, preferably English mother tongue, who is at the beginning of his/her career. Please have a look at my portfolio and feel free to contact me :)

Space.NK | The art of skincare-HD from Arianna on Vimeo.

MOBILE: 07503418184

Meet Peter Higgins...


A while back I made the journey from Liverpool to London. I’m a senior creative who just wants to create great work, have a few laughs doing it and pick up the odd award along the way. For the last 11 or 12 years I've been working at agencies including McCann, CHI and M&C Saatchi/LIDA.
I love coming up with ideas. Crafting copy and art direction is important to me but I don't like to get too precious about that until I know there are good ideas down on the pad. I'm comfortable working in a fluid partnership where we share roles or as the Copywriter. Ideally, I see myself either ATL or in an integrated agency where TV and print is a huge part of the role.
If you think my work looks interesting and you fancy grabbing a decent coffee or beer to see if we click then please get in touch.

Meet Renaud...


Hi I'm Renaud, but you can call me Renaud, or René. 

I'm a creative copywriter looking for my other half as a full Art Director to make a whole... Well you got the idea. 

I've worked for more than one year in Fred&Farid Paris on campaigns from digital to film. The good thing is we had the opportunity to work, present, argue and occasionally scream with Farid, the guy who has the name on the wall... This was a rare opportunity. I learned a lot, the hard way.

We were juniors but had lots of responsibilities. "Started from the intern level now we hired as juniors full time creatives after 3 months..." as the famous song goes. 

Experience writing for TV, Radio, Digital, Print concept, global campaigns.
I'm fluent in English, don't worry. Just arrived in London but had some exchange students in my family since I was a young boy running around naked yelling at my brother. So I've always lived, talked, wrote in English : 
"I speak english very much !"  See ?
I'm a sponge bob for culture, over-eating movies. 
I'm passionate about stand up comedy, Louis C.K. is obviously a genius and The Office is the best TV show ever done. 
Usually, my friends like me. 

Here is some work, I've translated everything on my online portfolio (link at the end) 
Pulco's slogan is "When laziness is good".
On Meteo France website  : "When looking at the sky is too much trouble"  
Pulco on Canal + channel and International CourrierInternational websites : "Canal +, Work -"  and "International courier, lots of work for the postman" 
Senseo little pretty coffee machine "Irresistibly small" 
Soap le petit marseillais "Soft Almond Milk Soap" 
Borderline juice "Drink Punk" 
Humanis "Who said that..." about social protection common believes. 
Assistant copywriter on the account, won the account in the agency, worked on radio, prints, film script

Meet Biff...


My name is Philip Smith, but I go by the name of Biff.

I'm a 24 year old illustrator, designer and art director. I'm going to say i'm a junior? Because that matters. Weymouth in Dorset is currently my home. However, I'm looking to move back to London ASAP. I spent 2 years in London before moving to New York for a few months for a job. It blew my mind, so i'm just looking to pick the momentum back up. "Never go backwards"- somebody said once.

I've created assets for apps, posters for book releases, prints for charity and storyboards for TV ads. Studios and agencies i've worked for include; Razorfish, Radical Media, Studio Moross, Print Club London, Ghostly Ferns and a load more on more of a freelance basis.

Boring work is for boring people. Who wants that? Nobody that's who. I want to make interesting work for interesting people. Let's make things with our hands, lets pitch a short film, let's direct an event. I'm down.

Let's get beers and/ or coffees. 


MOBILE: 07842246289
INSTAGRAM: @biffstudio

Meet Razvan Mitache...


Hello, I'm Razvan. I'm a junior copywriter based in London who's looking for an art director eager to put together a portfolio and get hired (or at least be brought in on a placement; it's a process, I understand, it's fine). 

The reason why I'm looking for a new partner is my old one moved from the UK, so here I am. You can find our portfolio at the bottom.

What else -- I'm a down to earth dude who likes advertising that stands out from the crowd, goes against the grain, all that. I enjoy doing things differently than what's been done before and I try to apply this philosophy in my work. Which is not to say that I'm inventing hot water all over again, but I do strive to make advertising that you would remember -- either because it's funny or shocking or sad etc. 

I think what we, as advertising people, need to do is leave an impression on the audience. So, for instance, I'd never do (this just came to mind as I'm writing this) 101's Baileys' campaign -- computer generated waves of chocolate and towards the end there's a woman kind of emerging from all this chocolaty cloud.

To me, that's just dead advertising. By the way, I have nothing against the people at 101, their ad just popped to mind, some of their stuff is actually cool.

So yeah, anyway, if you're an AD who needs a copywriter and you want to do some interesting ads, find a job and rock this whole adulthood thing, gimme a shout.



MOBILE: 0759 23 28 371

Meet Liane Dowling...


Hello, I’m Liane, an Art director……looking for a partner. Are you out there?
I’ve been at M&C Saatchi for the past 18 months. With 4-5 year experience behind me I have worked on everything from planes (British Airways,) trains (Transport for London,) and automobiles (Subaru.)
As well as filling the nation with Microwavable burgers (Rustlers) and booze (Ballantine’s & Lambrini) I’ve helped reduce their sugar intake (Change 4 life.) Along the way I’ve won a few awards and worked with some great people.
I am passionate, ambitious, hard working and love what I do. The aim is to finda partner with a similar outlook…. who wants to create great, award winning work

Meet Marija Lazarevic...



My name is Marija (like maria) and I have a BA in Advertising and PR. I am an aspiring creative copywriter looking for an art director to help put together my Ad portfolio. It's proving harder than I thought to get this done on my own. It would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas around with!

I'm starting from scratch which may be a good thing since we can both put our ideas into everything together.

I'm located in Chicago and would be willing to work through skype, as well.

If anyone is interested please get in touch.

Meet Jess Witt...


Hey Creatives!

I'm an Art Director from Australia but currently living in Berlin and moving to London in the next couple of months. I'm looking for a mid-weight copywriter and a kickass job. I'll be flying between London and Berlin to make this all happen. My first visit will be the first week of Feb. 

If your a copywriter who has some experience in art I'm happy to blur the lines. I love copy too and I whatever I do I love to chat what we produce so that we are both happy. 

I worked in a smaller digital agency in Australia for 1.5 years and now in Berlin at BBDO for 2 years. 

I love truthful and insightful ideas and will work hard to make it happen. If I'm not laughing while I work, somethings wrong. This is what I love...drinking too. 

I've been lucky to win some awards at a few festivals too: Cannes Lions, Clio, LIA, Eurobest, Lovie.

If you like my work please get in touch. 

Meet Michael Hayton...


Previous Designer/Artworker/Intern at various agencies some good some bad around London and Kent.

Based now in Maidstone (It's not ideal, but what is)

I suppose I'm more of an Art Director than a Copywriter.

Finished the Watford Ad course in July. Took some time off

Throughout my time on the course I worked as a solo (not by choice) so I've had to do the job of two throughout my time. 

Spring is around the corner and wanna get things moving fast

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Meet Oleg Izosimov...


Hello! My name is Oleg Izosimov, I am an art-director from Moscow and I want to work in London in some good advertising agency. Because of it I need a copywriter to combine our forces to find good place to work and make a awesome projects.

My passion is creativity. A place to work with a perspective to win maximum awards as much as we can is my major dream for me. Because i'm Moscow this is kind a hard task because common level of creativity in agencies is low.

I can speak English and Portuguese, know PS, Illustrator, Wacom.
If you want to find a place to work together with me or you already work and searching of w pair- please let me know.

Hello from Moscow! Have a great day!

I have 5 years of experience:
2010 Lowe Moscow. Junior art-director
2012 Saatchi Moscow. Art-director
2013 BBDO Moscow. Art-director
2011-2015 Preeroda creative agenc
y(Moscow). Founder, CD.

 Save April First! from Oleg Izosimov on Vimeo.

 The Greenprinter from Oleg Izosimov on Vimeo.