Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Meet Renaud...


Hi I'm Renaud, but you can call me Renaud, or René. 

I'm a creative copywriter looking for my other half as a full Art Director to make a whole... Well you got the idea. 

I've worked for more than one year in Fred&Farid Paris on campaigns from digital to film. The good thing is we had the opportunity to work, present, argue and occasionally scream with Farid, the guy who has the name on the wall... This was a rare opportunity. I learned a lot, the hard way.

We were juniors but had lots of responsibilities. "Started from the intern level now we hired as juniors full time creatives after 3 months..." as the famous song goes. 

Experience writing for TV, Radio, Digital, Print concept, global campaigns.
I'm fluent in English, don't worry. Just arrived in London but had some exchange students in my family since I was a young boy running around naked yelling at my brother. So I've always lived, talked, wrote in English : 
"I speak english very much !"  See ?
I'm a sponge bob for culture, over-eating movies. 
I'm passionate about stand up comedy, Louis C.K. is obviously a genius and The Office is the best TV show ever done. 
Usually, my friends like me. 

Here is some work, I've translated everything on my online portfolio (link at the end) 
Pulco's slogan is "When laziness is good".
On Meteo France website  : "When looking at the sky is too much trouble"  
Pulco on Canal + channel and International CourrierInternational websites : "Canal +, Work -"  and "International courier, lots of work for the postman" 
Senseo little pretty coffee machine "Irresistibly small" 
Soap le petit marseillais "Soft Almond Milk Soap" 
Borderline juice "Drink Punk" 
Humanis "Who said that..." about social protection common believes. 
Assistant copywriter on the account, won the account in the agency, worked on radio, prints, film script

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