Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Meet Razvan Mitache...


Hello, I'm Razvan. I'm a junior copywriter based in London who's looking for an art director eager to put together a portfolio and get hired (or at least be brought in on a placement; it's a process, I understand, it's fine). 

The reason why I'm looking for a new partner is my old one moved from the UK, so here I am. You can find our portfolio at the bottom.

What else -- I'm a down to earth dude who likes advertising that stands out from the crowd, goes against the grain, all that. I enjoy doing things differently than what's been done before and I try to apply this philosophy in my work. Which is not to say that I'm inventing hot water all over again, but I do strive to make advertising that you would remember -- either because it's funny or shocking or sad etc. 

I think what we, as advertising people, need to do is leave an impression on the audience. So, for instance, I'd never do (this just came to mind as I'm writing this) 101's Baileys' campaign -- computer generated waves of chocolate and towards the end there's a woman kind of emerging from all this chocolaty cloud.

To me, that's just dead advertising. By the way, I have nothing against the people at 101, their ad just popped to mind, some of their stuff is actually cool.

So yeah, anyway, if you're an AD who needs a copywriter and you want to do some interesting ads, find a job and rock this whole adulthood thing, gimme a shout.



MOBILE: 0759 23 28 371

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