Saturday, 1 October 2016

Meet Matthew Guy...


I’m Matthew Guy and I’m a Freelance Senior Creative who's worked for the likes of R/GA, Mr President, Dare and Saatchi & Saatchi.

My previous freelance creative partner has left the world of advertising to travel for the indefinite future. So I’m in need of a replacement partner for those briefs that insist on teams. 

I see myself as an Art Director & Copywriter mix, and I prefer working with other hybrid types like myself. (Though if you twisted my arm, I'd have to go Copywriter.)
EMAIL: matthew.guy at

Meet Peggy Wang...


Hi there

My name is Peggy, I am a creative based in London. I specialise in art direction, illustration, design, branding, interactive experiences and integrated campaigns. I have 6 years experience in advertising, working at companies such as Ogilvy, BBDO, Dentsu, BBH in China and have undertaken various freelance work, most recently at a digital marketing agency in London.
I'm looking for a copywriter as my partner. I just applied the job application to BBH London, drop me a line if you interest it.
Looking forward to hear from you :)

MOBILE: 07542075846

Meet Chris Nicholson...


Ey up, I'm Chris, a Junior Concept Copywriter from Bradford! I'm a Creative Advertising graduate of Leeds College of Art, with a years industry experience under my belt. I'm a creative thinker with a lot of ambition & a sense of humour.

I'm looking to pair up with an awesome art director, and get myself back down to London! Get in touch.

Meet Eytan Smith...


Hi there, 
I'm a Copywriter with a mixed year of placement and Junior Freelance experience. 
After reading Classive at Warwick I trained at the School of Communication Arts 2.0 where I met my last partner. Having worked at Hometown, Razorfish, Brothers & Sisters and Poke she and I split because I wanted to pursue more traditional and integrated agencies (we're still very good friends). Since then I've been on placement at Fold7. 

As a partner, I bring some serious organisation to the table, along with determination and baked goods. I'm comfortable coming up with the visuals and love it when my partner has ideas for the copy, but I do love crafting copy, so basically I'm pretty flexible. 

Somebody with previous experience in the industry and who knows what they want would be the dream. My ideal partner has loads of drive, a love for their craft and a positive mental attitude. However I'm pretty open to different personality types, let's just meet up for a beer/coffee/tea/whatever you drink and see if we click.

Meet Louis J Hills...


I’m an art director who has recently graduated Falmouth University, looking for a copywriter who doesn’t judge my unsavoury addiction with coffee, tolerates a furry four legged friend in need of constant cuddles (the dog, not me...) & has the fire to take the London ad world by storm. I have a wise head on my shoulders for a 20-something, I’ve travelled, partied & settled, it’s time now to conquer the career. 

I’m hungry for placements, big or small agencies - I’m up for it. I have a passion for fashion & ethical advertising, obsessions with plants, I’m a wannabe photographer & you’ll always find me singing into a hairbrush, trying on the role of musician. Humour is important to me, I’ll never take life too seriously, if you like the sound of that - hit me up.


INSTAGRAM: @louisjhills

Meet Joyce Kremer...


Hi! I'm Joyce an Art Director at Grey London. 
I'm Dutch, but like milky tea and vinegar on my chips.
My creative partner and I have separated.
So I'm now a single Art Director looking for a Junior-Midweight Copywriter to join me at Grey London.
If you are interested please send me an email.