Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Meet Phil Brewer...


Now that i’ve got your attention, would you like to have sex?
Hi, i’m Phil - a copywriter looking for an art director, and not actually looking to have sex with you at all. I was just using the power of advertising to lure you in, sucker.
A mid-weight creative who’s previously spent 5 years at Karmarama and the past year freelancing solo, i’m now searching for an art director who’s aspiring to make work that is “very good” and not “very not good”.
To help you decide if i’m right for you (and vice-versa), I’ve handily included a list of attributes you must, and must not have, if we’re likely to work together successfully…
You Must Not:
- Be a murderer. (Sorry, but i really must insist here - if you’re a murderer, i’m not your guy. Try the post below, they’re big fans of murderers i’ve heard).
- Have a bitter and violent hatred of people called ‘Phil Brewer’.
- Be a future version of me who’s come back to destroy me. Jog on, you handsome future fuck.
You Must:
- Have a burning passion for stuff, specifically - things and etc.
- Have new info on exactly *where* in Cuba 2pac is currently hiding.
- Breathe.
If that sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me via email, or, for all you cool teens out there - hit me up on Myspace, dudes: 


Meet Steph Hayden...


I'm currently a junior/midlevel Art Director/Creative located at the great agency Fallon in Minneapolis, MN USA but, as always, is suffering from the pull of wanderlust and a deep desire for creative commitment. 

I'm not looking to dive right into creative love, or even lust for that matter. I still have lots to learn here and am enjoying my time with great people, but no one ever said I couldn't have a few creative side flings in the meantime - and who knows, maybe those flings could turn into something bigger and more beautiful. 

Ideally I'd love to find a creative partner who has such a desire to make badass things, that they wouldn't mind jumping in on a few creative collaborative side projects (long distance or otherwise) to keep our juices flowing and see if we're a decent creative match. You never know where experimenting may lead us. 

If you're driven and passionate about putting great work out into the world, hit me up. I'd love to work with a creative hybrid with equal copywriting/design/development/art direction chops who wants to work with the same and just let the idea shine through collectively. 

Hit me up if you want to test drive this partnership and is open to just seeing where this goes in the long run. Let's make cool shit. 

Meet George Gavalas...


Hey im George, a junior Art Director based in London.  Originally from Birmingham so if you can put up with my accent then we're off to a good start.  I use to be a graphic designer and freelance photographer before I decided to take on the ad industry.  I studied an Ma in Creative Advertising in 2014 and went straight into placements.  Within that year I have succeeded in some great campaigns for clients for the likes of Ford, The RSPB and Lidl.  I've come fresh out of a job at DDB Worldwide in Lithuania and now i'm back in The Big Smoke looking for the Kenan to my Kel.   

Ideally looking for someone who has that flame in them to make things happen.  Someone who is in it for the long run.  So if you're a junior Copywriter or even an AD who is good at playing Scrabble then give me a bell.

I'd consider myself a down-to-earth guy who likes coming up with ideas with a background in graphic design and photography.  I have an erratic laugh (so i'm told), love to read about subculture, I collect cinema tickets and am a rum fanatic.

PORTFOLIO: http://www.georgegavalas.squarespace.com/
EMAIL: ggavalas1@icloud.com
TWITTER: @ggavalas1
MOBILE: 07804752501

Meet Chelsea Tijerina...


I'm a Junior Art Director that has been in the graphic deign field since the age of 12. Have had several jobs and internships in Ad agencies form Austin, Texas to NYC. Just finished up my internship at Momentum - NY. Also just graduated from The University of Texas at Austin.

Looking for a copywriter to partner with for a few spec campaigns to put in my book and possibly work together at an agency in the future. Design skills don't really matter, just want to work with someone who enjoys making disruptive work. Ideally, someone who focuses on big idea first.

Little about me: Inspiration for me comes from everywhere and everything. I once slept in a car at a gas station because I had nowhere else to sleep. Thats far I go to experience life. 

Meet Matt Hurst...


Hello! I'm a recent ad-grad from university, spent a month at 
Havas as a junior creative before coming to the conclusion that the 
pharmaceutical design side of the industry wasn't for me. I'm now 
looking for a partner to put a whole new book together to approach 
agencies for intern/junior positions.
I'm currently based between Manchester & Leeds, so if you're in the 
north, that might help. I'm currently putting some money aside to get 
myself down to London as I've managed to establish some great contacts 
which might be able to help get my (see: our) book seen at Saatchi, 
Ogilvy, Grey, JWT, among others. The problem for now however is getting 
that book together and to a standard we're comfortable with!
I'd say I'm definitely more visual so if I had to pick a side it would 
be an art director, so that would mean I'm traditionally looking for a 
copywriter however if you've got a foot in both camps, definitely get in 
touch, we can work it out.
I know the location thing might be a problem for now, but that will 
hopefully be changing soon.

Get in touch!

PORTFOLIO: http://matthurst.co.uk
PDF BOOK: www.matthurst.co.uk/book_mh.pdf
EMAIL: hello@matthurst.co.uk
TWITTER: @adMattHurst

Meet Diego A. Mendez...


Hello lovely people,
I´m moving to London soon and I´d like to find a senior copywriter willing to listen to my Spotify playlists and come up with great work together. I´d like to find a full time position at a London agency, so don´t hesitate to get in touch if you have similar interests. 

Oh yeah, about me: I´m 35, originally from Spain. International background: Amsterdam, Madrid and New York. (Euro RSCG, BBDO, JWT, Y&R...)
Have a great day!

 TOMTOM | Go Live 1000 from PlusOne on Vimeo.

Meet Lou Egan...


I'm an award winning mid-weight copywriter (4 years' experience) currently based at a regional agency. I'm looking to move to London to get placement/freelance experience in some of the big agencies, hopefully leading to a full time position. I'm looking for an ambitious junior-midweight art director to team up with and create an amazing book. 

I recently represented the UK in New York at the New York Festivals Torch Awards and was mentored by AKQA's ECD Duan Evans.

The work in my portfolio is what I've done in my current agency and isn't really what I want to keep doing! However, I have a notepad full of ATL campaign ideas for brands like Waterstones and Durex that I'd be happy to share - the words and ideas are there, they just need someone who's better than me at design! Get in touch for the password to the 'Live' section of my website. 

I like tequila, horses, liquid cheese and watching Parks and Recreation, and am definitely up for doing a campaign for at least one of these. 

Meet Rada Petrovic...


Dear art director

Hello and welcome to my humble post.

I’m a senior conceptual writer looking for a compatible partner… a senior AD who’s a thinker and a doer, who loves exploring images as much as I love crafting words.

I work mainly in beauty, fashion, luxury and travel, on everything from above-the-line campaigns to digital, DM, content and branding. But I’ve also done some food, some tech, and lots of behind-the-scenes work on various Unilever brands.

While it would be great to have some overlap in sector experience, what’s more important, I think, is a shared aesthetic and that simple ‘click’ that turns even the dullest project into something that might just be fun…

I like to work hard, enjoy the process and turn out something that looks and sounds good. If that sounds like you, then we could be the perfect match. So drop me a line and let’s chat.