Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Meet Steph Hayden...


I'm currently a junior/midlevel Art Director/Creative located at the great agency Fallon in Minneapolis, MN USA but, as always, is suffering from the pull of wanderlust and a deep desire for creative commitment. 

I'm not looking to dive right into creative love, or even lust for that matter. I still have lots to learn here and am enjoying my time with great people, but no one ever said I couldn't have a few creative side flings in the meantime - and who knows, maybe those flings could turn into something bigger and more beautiful. 

Ideally I'd love to find a creative partner who has such a desire to make badass things, that they wouldn't mind jumping in on a few creative collaborative side projects (long distance or otherwise) to keep our juices flowing and see if we're a decent creative match. You never know where experimenting may lead us. 

If you're driven and passionate about putting great work out into the world, hit me up. I'd love to work with a creative hybrid with equal copywriting/design/development/art direction chops who wants to work with the same and just let the idea shine through collectively. 

Hit me up if you want to test drive this partnership and is open to just seeing where this goes in the long run. Let's make cool shit. 

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