Thursday, 30 June 2016

Meet Nuno Gomes...


I’m a Portuguese Midweight Art Director!
Coming from Ogilvy&Mather Lisbon where I worked for the past 4 years, I just moved to London and I'm now looking for an ambitious, talented, badass Copywriter.
I see myself as a Creative thinker but I’m also an illustrator with a good level of image manipulation / treatment skills.
I’m looking for someone to keep up with my hunger for awards! Someone very competitive and as passionate about his work as I am about mine.
Hit me up!

Meet Nicolas Sarmiento...


I'm Nicolas, I'm a junior graphic designer and illustrator and i recently mooved to London.
In the last year i've worked mostly in branding, editorial design, character design and illustrion projects.
I'm looking for projects and people to work with, I'm really interested in showing my creative skills. 

Write me if you feel interested in my work,




Meet Federica Martini...


Graphic designer and illustrator, Fine arts and new media Graduate, Advertising/art director student at SCA 2.0
I'm building my book to get a placement this summer.
I desperately need a copywriter!

Meet Gabriel Buarque...


Hi there,
i'm Gabriel, Middleweight Art Director based in London.

I graduated at Miami Ad School and over the last years i've been working as Art Director in Advertising Agencies and doing freelance as well.

I'm looking for a creative partner hardworking and motivated.

If you enjoyed my work feel free to contact me.

Meet Beth...


I'm looking for a talented art director to join me on a journey of placements and job hunting. My primary focus is on Northern regional agencies (Manchester way). But with the right partner I would be happy to have a crack at London agencies too.

My creative dreamboat would be driven, confident and all about BIG ideas.

INSTAGRAM: @bethcgee
MOBILE: +447481595344

Meet Fernando Morais...


Hello, my name is Fernando and I come from Brazil.
After a few years working at Ogilvy as a Junior Art Director, I moved to YR Prague, where I still until today, but now I am looking after move to London, to work at the big networks or small shops as a creative Art Director. 

3 years Ogilvy & Mather São Paulo
1 year Y&R Prague

Meet Sarah Daniel...


Hi all, my name is Sarah, I'm London based and on the hunt for a creative partner. I'm coming into the world of advertising from a graphic design background but hoping to build a fluid relationship as I like to do copy as well. I've been writing since I was about three so I've got lots of experience. I had a bit of trouble initially with the letter S (I used to write it backwards) but I overcame this minor hiccup and moved swiftly on to joined-up handwriting. These days I'm accomplished in all the standard tools of the trade - biro, sharpie, HB pencil - you name it, I can write with it. If you're a bit of a hipster I could be convinced to use a typewriter, but I draw the line at unicycles. 

When my mind wanders of to the hopefully not-to-distant future, I dream about creating work with lots of humour, work that helps the world and work that pushes boundaries. I realise that in reality I'll probably be flogging toilet roll, but that's ok too. 

I'm at the early stages of an advertising career but I have worked in various other roles so I know plenty about the world of work.  

If you want to know more, please visit my profile on behance and get in touch. 

MOBILE: +447730277736

Meet Aaron Galyer...



My name is Aaron Galyer. 

I am a single creative straight outta the University of Lincoln, recently completing my degree, which I studied Creative Advertising. I'm an art director who likes to dabble in copywriting too. 

MOBILE: +447889025164

Meet Gemma Taylor...


Calling all art directors!

I am a midweight copywriter looking for an ambitious art director to join me on a company rebrand project with a view to securing more work together after that.

Sense of humour [Mandatory]
Morning person [Optional]

Meet Georgia Hatton...


Hey, I’m Georgia, a recent BA advertising graduate looking for entry level/placement (whatever we can get our hands on!) jobs in London. I’m a creative, looking for a copywriter. I have experience at various agencies and have worked in planning as well, which means I understand more of the process than just art direction.
My work is simplistic, but effective, I like it to be clever and empathetic. I often lean towards, but do not limit myself to, creating adverts that will ‘make a change’ or ‘do good’. 
Take a look at my portfolio! & hit me up if your interested, even just for a chat, would love to get to know some of you guys. :)
All the very best,
Georgia x

Meet Lee Kozlowski...



My name's Lee and I'm a solo midweight copywriter (6+ years) looking for an art director. Currently I'm freelancing at AMV BBDO, previous freelance clients also include TH_NK and Spark44.

I left Tribal DDB in April this year after spending over 3 years there, working on scripts, concepts and copy. My creative partner there left to start working for charities. 

Clients include: Volkswagen, Guinness, Xbox UK, Lipton, Harvey Nichols, Jaguar, Beefeater Gin, Vue Cinemas

Meet Matt Nankivell...


Hello fellow creatives,

I'm a mid-weight conceptual Art Director hoping of finding a similar level copywriter to partner up with and make some world-class work. 

I love nothing more than creating and pitching big ideas, and then bringing them to life with the high level of craft they deserve.

My creative upbringing until this point has been in Australia where I have had over 5 and a half years experience as a full time integrated Art Director with a range of local, national and international awards to my name.

I have worked for a number of integrated agencies - concepting and leading many campaigns across a wide range of clients and mediums including TV, digital, print, outdoor, experiential, non-traditional, DM and everything in between. 

If you want to get a sense of who I am beyond words on a page, check out my video below, which was kindly put together by my previous agency.

If you are interested in catching up for a coffee or beer to see if we have that little spark, I'd love to hear from you!

MOBILE: +44 7453 518 473