Thursday, 30 June 2016

Meet Matt Nankivell...


Hello fellow creatives,

I'm a mid-weight conceptual Art Director hoping of finding a similar level copywriter to partner up with and make some world-class work. 

I love nothing more than creating and pitching big ideas, and then bringing them to life with the high level of craft they deserve.

My creative upbringing until this point has been in Australia where I have had over 5 and a half years experience as a full time integrated Art Director with a range of local, national and international awards to my name.

I have worked for a number of integrated agencies - concepting and leading many campaigns across a wide range of clients and mediums including TV, digital, print, outdoor, experiential, non-traditional, DM and everything in between. 

If you want to get a sense of who I am beyond words on a page, check out my video below, which was kindly put together by my previous agency.

If you are interested in catching up for a coffee or beer to see if we have that little spark, I'd love to hear from you!

MOBILE: +44 7453 518 473

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