Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Meet Phil Corbett...



I'm Phil and I'm a creative. (pause for support group style affirmation applause)

This industry is ridiculous and that's why it's so brilliant. Where else would you get to make latex fetish costumes for pets (yep, done that), source ghost train props to make a haunted bar (that too) or fill an office knee deep with rubber ducks (best day ever)?

I've been doing campaign work since the turn of the millennium. In between that I've designed video games (from the original PlayStation 1 & N64 days onwards), staged events, made toys, designed underwear and written & drawn comics. I've also written & illustrated a series of kid's books (represented by Bell Lomax Moreton).

I'm definitely a visual thinker so I think if I was to pick a team I'd choose art direction over writing. I can illustrate, storyboard and create amazing visuals so if you're good with words get in touch. If you've got a foot in both camps like me get in touch too.

I live in Brighton so if you're there that's a bonus but of course I'm not averse to where the action is in the capital, it's only an hour away.

That's me. Drop me a line and we can chat over coffee and a slice of battenberg - that's win win right there.


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