Thursday, 20 August 2015

Meet Lloyd Daniel...


Fresh out of an extended Internship at Mother London I intend on going back but not empty handed. I’m looking for the chilli to my chocolate. That’s right we don’t have to think alike we just have to produce kick ass work.
A Creative at heart, 21 and based in London, I’m not strictly looking for a Copywriter just someone has a skill to their craft and the drive to make things happen.
In my work I like to mix new tech, interaction and a good narrative. 
My Portfolio was self-produced last year, in it you’ll see some projects which reflect me and some which are strictly space fillers for the time being (You’ll be able to tell which is which). Regardless I’m looking start clean with a partner and get a brand new book on the table or if your past that stage lets work together and see if we click.

MOBILE: +44 (0)7515893256

Meet Will Grave...


I'm currently in mourning. 

My art director of 3 years is leaving the country because of visa issues. 

We considered a civil partnership, but he is already married. The bastard. It looks like this is end, but as they say when one door closes... drink from a brown paper bag and pour your heart out on single creatives. 

I'm not looking for a rebound. I want to someone I can bounce ideas around with but a partner who is in it for the long term. I have some exciting projects going on at M&C Saatchi and I'm looking to bring someone in soon. That doesn't mean I want a shot-gun wedding though. So if you are a junior art director with a permanent job under their belt or someone who is borderline midweight, get in touch if you like my work. 

No Scrubs. 


Friday, 14 August 2015

Meet Gabi...


Gabriella Gasparini, or Gabi (DISCLAIMER: this is the part where I talk in third person pretending I actually hired a skilled writer to comment and reflect on my existence in the creative industry world.) is a Central Saint Martins graduate whose drive for adventure took her all the way to Tokyo to work as a creative at Ultra Super New where she made the most of learning about Japanese culture and subcultures, all whilst munching on sushi and parading in cosplay, of course! 

Previous internships include placements at VCCP London, Scarfilm in Rome and Assistant Director on music videos in the UK. She is currently residing in London but will happily move to any corner of the world.

She's looking for an Art Director who loves words as much as he loves images and, most importantly, who shares her same drive for adventure and risk taking. 

Gabi is fun, outgoing, likes food with jellyish textures, anything pastel goth, neoboy, seapunk or subculture-related. She changes hair colour like it’s going out of fashion, and in her spare time, is a poet, nail-artist, karaoke singer and professional cat lover. 


Meet Jack Emery...


I’m a Senior Copywriter who just made the move to Amsterdam.
I’m searching for my other half, a Senior AD who wants to work in a global agency and make work that gets noticed. 
Previously I worked at Big Red in Australia. There I worked across a variety of big clients, including Qantas, Renault, Jetstar, Target, Coles Supermarkets and Bupa.
If you're in Clog-Land and looking for a copywriter, shoot me a message.


Thursday, 13 August 2015

Meet David Johnson...


Senior conceptual creative in London looking to partner-up with another senior creative (ideally already settled in an agency or alternatively freelancing).

Most of my career has been spent in London at ATL, Integrated and Digital agencies but for the last 3 years I’ve been working in Dubai.

Ideas are what interest me the most, I’ve written TV ads, designed websites, crafted posters, made apps, created social experiences and won some awards. I like to have a hand in both Art Direction and Copywriting, but am happy to fill or share whatever creative void there is.

Free for beer and chat (or bike ride) any time.


t86_master_visuals_landscape01 (11)



MOBILE: +44 (0)7941 225108
SKYPE: davemassive

Meet Joshua Bygrave...


Hello! I'm Josh, an Art Director who's currently on his lonesome. I'm looking to team up with a Copywriter and together build a really strong portfolio. I've got over six months experience working at a small creative agency (where I'm still based) but forming a creative team has now become my number one priority. If you like my work, drop me a message.