Thursday, 20 August 2015

Meet Will Grave...


I'm currently in mourning. 

My art director of 3 years is leaving the country because of visa issues. 

We considered a civil partnership, but he is already married. The bastard. It looks like this is end, but as they say when one door closes... drink from a brown paper bag and pour your heart out on single creatives. 

I'm not looking for a rebound. I want to someone I can bounce ideas around with but a partner who is in it for the long term. I have some exciting projects going on at M&C Saatchi and I'm looking to bring someone in soon. That doesn't mean I want a shot-gun wedding though. So if you are a junior art director with a permanent job under their belt or someone who is borderline midweight, get in touch if you like my work. 

No Scrubs. 


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