Thursday, 13 August 2015

Meet Harry Flaherty...


I’m Harry, a creative specialising in Art Direction and searching for my one and only copywriter. Where we can make-work, which is so blindingly hot, even the Ice-cold refreshment of Coors light can’t cool it. 

Recently graduated from University for the Creative Arts Farnham in Advertising, to move back home to Kent, which isn’t to fare from London. 

I want us to be that team where other creatives look at our work, and say dammit why didn’t we think of that. That’s why I need you so this can happen. 

You can contact me through my email and have a little browse through my website if your interested. 

Have a great day or evening 

Mentored by John De Vries Senior CD at BBDO 
Mentored by Christiana Mavromatis CD at FCB Global 

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