Monday, 26 October 2015

Meet Rudhraigh McGrath...


Hi there.

My name's Rudhraigh (Don't worry, it's just a really Irish way of spelling Rory) I'm a writer who's partner has only gone and taken a role on her own (it was something more client managementish) leaving him in prompt need of someone brand spanking new. 

I was working in a senior team for the last two years, but I'll be looking at both mid AND senior roles.

I've worked in Tribal DDB, Ogilvy, Razorfish and loads of random freelance places on clients like Guinness, VW, Sony and McDonald's.

Basically I'm looking for an AD that's looking to make amazing work and change the way people think. To win awards and stand out from the crowd. Someone that's talented and capable and dedicated, ambitious, clever and canny. The thing is, I've been bouncing around the dirty underbelly of the ad world for long enough to know that these people are rare, and that even more so they rarely need a new partner cause they're too busy getting promoted to need or want one. But if you feel that you're that unicorn that, like me, needs a partner who will work like their life depends on it and won't accept making shit, please get in touch. 



Meet Oneikeh Campbell...



As people struggle to pronounce my name, you can call me Neeks for ease.

I’ve recently finished my MA in Creative Advertising at Falmouth University in July.  I’m an enthusiastic Art Director looking for a perfect partnership with a Copywriter.  Are you out there?

I’ve worked as an Account Manger for a few years at number of agencies in London such as Sapient Nitro, TBWA, and TMW to name a few.  I’ve since seen the light and have moved over from the dark side of accounts to being a Creative.

I’m looking for a partner who enjoys producing innovative forward thinking ideas and hungers to do something different from the bog standard print advertising. Think ‘Volvo Life Paint’ by Grey or ‘Nivea Doll’ by FCB Brazil.  

I’ve seen crazy things happen like two Art Directors teaming up and doing really well as well as two copywriters doing similar, so I would not be against teaming with an Art Director who is able to write good copy.

I don’t mind if you are young or old, pink or green, tall or short, new to this industry or been around for a while.  As long as your enthusiastic, chilled, like to have a laugh, are willing and eager to get out there learn and put in the fun graft to be a creative, I would love to meet for coffee or beer.

Placements 2015
Arthur London – July
Partners Andrews Aldridge – August
South Paw – September TBA



MOBILE: 07939 47 81 80 

Meet Pjotr Barakov...


I'm an AD, based in London, looking for a silver tongue to team up with and go on a placement hunt.
I've done internships at The Corner London, BBDO Moscow and Arnoldklp.
Little more about me: originally from Estonia, aged 22, just finished my BA in Media&Communications at Goldsmiths College.
I'm passionate about photography, chess, music, football and great ideas.
If you are an ambitious and hard-working person who has the drive to make things happen-drop me an email!
Have a great day!

Meet Christian Longhi...


Midweight Copywriter needed to fill my void.

 Pepsi Beat - case study 2013 from Christian Longhi on Vimeo.

 Dexter on CieloTV - Case study from Christian Longhi on Vimeo.

MOBILE: 07983059683