Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Meet Gemma Ghelardi...


Creative mind looking for an art director to help me take over the world. 

I worked as a creative strategy intern at ISOBAR, where my social campaign for IKEA has been shortlisted - and hopefully will get chosen. Other brands I’ve explored include PURINA, SWIPE/FLOW and ISOBAR itself.

Beforehand I graduated in Behavioural Economics, started an art space in Berlin and published a novel. The Behavioural Economics degree is particularly useful as it basically is the marketing science of the subconscious - in other words, I could convince you to do something without you even fully being aware of it hehe! In fact, I’m finding the alternative background quite useful as it gives me a lot more perspectives and ideas on things. 

Basically I’m full of ideas, ambitious, hard-working and incredibly funny - well, at least I make myself laugh a lot. 

Check out my work and drop me a line if you think we could make a great team.

MOBILE: 07542349515

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