Monday, 26 October 2015

Meet Rudhraigh McGrath...


Hi there.

My name's Rudhraigh (Don't worry, it's just a really Irish way of spelling Rory) I'm a writer who's partner has only gone and taken a role on her own (it was something more client managementish) leaving him in prompt need of someone brand spanking new. 

I was working in a senior team for the last two years, but I'll be looking at both mid AND senior roles.

I've worked in Tribal DDB, Ogilvy, Razorfish and loads of random freelance places on clients like Guinness, VW, Sony and McDonald's.

Basically I'm looking for an AD that's looking to make amazing work and change the way people think. To win awards and stand out from the crowd. Someone that's talented and capable and dedicated, ambitious, clever and canny. The thing is, I've been bouncing around the dirty underbelly of the ad world for long enough to know that these people are rare, and that even more so they rarely need a new partner cause they're too busy getting promoted to need or want one. But if you feel that you're that unicorn that, like me, needs a partner who will work like their life depends on it and won't accept making shit, please get in touch. 



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