Monday, 12 October 2015

Meet Nora Gurney...


Hey, I'm Nora, an Art Director from the Emerald Isle, originally anyway - my accent's gone but I can still drink and that's the main thing.

I'm freelancing and I'm after a freelance copywriter who's happy to work individually and as my better half when team roles come up. It would be an uber modern marriage of minds, just let me know if you want to sleep around, obvs. I'm also toying with the idea of freelancing (maybe perming) overseas next year - Is that something you could get on board with? No pun intended.

You can read all the drawn out employer sell (if you're that way inclined) on the CV tab on my site but in a nutshell my best bits:

- 1 Clio and 3 Bima awards
- 6 yrs in Digital and ATL agencies including Leo Burnett and Razorfish
- 4 pitch wins (conceptual, innit?)
- Haven't managed to piss anyone off 
- I write too (if you're over it / hands fall off / fancy doing pictures for a bit - see, told you it would be a modern marriage)

And to get a favour of me, a la Tinder:

Art. Live music. Food porn. Travel. Cats. Dogs. Not babies. Coffee. Smilers. Getting lost. Film. Wine. Theatre. Etc.

Swipe right.

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