Monday, 12 October 2015

Meet Joe Turton...


Hello singletons - I graduated from Bucks a few years ago working in both full-time and placement roles, sometimes in that order, which makes me a smidgen of a renegade. The types of places have been client side, above the line, below the line and one start-up that gave me a hair cut, mainly as an AD and all gave me a good grip of the direction I want to be going.

Now, having just finished a placement at 4creative, my partner and I decided to split *sad face*. But. I’ve got a shiny new folio ready to give the industry another kick in the teeth. 

In a n ideal world I to make work that provokes, challenges the way people think and ultimately changes behaviour. As well as buying a penthouse in NY, naming my guard do Diego Costa and driving golf ball out of Danny DeVitos teeth, of course. I’d also like a partner to share it all with as it gets lonely sitting a room eating cake by yourself.

Being junior-mid level I’d like to partner with someone that has a bit of experience under their belt.

Reconstruction of a potential brainstorming session: 

You: “Right, we’ve got this brief for Hovis”
Me: “Wicked - how about, Hovis: Have you ever tried picking up gravy with your hands?”
You: “…”
Me: “…or what about this digital idea. We break international tensions with Russia by allowing people to fire Hovis across Europe via there laptops with a message that says 'Putin, lets break bread'?”
You: “I’m going home…”
Me: “Wait, I’ve got one more - Hovis: The only acceptable food to eat out a bin…”
You: “...Shut up"

If you like what you see and then lets grab a drink.

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