Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Meet Olivia Hedley...


I am looking for a copy writer to join me in an internship/Junior Role in London. I graduated in 2014 and have the spent the last year freelancing and working in-house for various companies.

PORTFOLIO: oliviahedley.com
MOBILE: 07471384992

Meet Fern De Farias-Uzan...


Hi everybody,

My name is Fern and I'm a junior Art Director with first work experience at Y&R
Sao Paulo. I just returned to London and am now looking to partner up with an
ambitious and talented copywriter to secure placements or junior roles in major
ad agencies in the city.

I already had some promising meetings and a have good network within the
industry, yet opportunities come easier if you're part of a creative team. I'm
mainly an Art Director but I also write copy and am happy to meet other
'hybrids' out there to bounce ideas with.

Check out my portfolio and ring me up for a meeting to talk further!


MOBILE: +447960218765

Meet Adam Hallows...


How do?

I’m a words guy who’d love to meet an image guy/girl.

I’m new to ad land, having done journalism, publishing, marketing and kitchen fitting – all while assessing which was best.

Having decided it was copywriting, I now find myself in urgent need of the Hall to my Oates. The Coen to my Coen.

I write for healthcare, design agencies, social enterprise and SME’s, so can do long and short, pith and pathos.

I’m London based, Hackney to be specific, but am from the north so I’m not afraid of… I don’t know, rain or whippets.

So if you want to start with some spec work, apply to agencies then take over the world, then I’m game if you are.

Start with a Gin Fizz?

All the best

Wirefast Product Overview from Wirefast on Vimeo.

PORTFOLIO: www.adamhallows.com 
TWITTER: @adamhthefirst
MOBILE: 077654 03529

Meet Michele Bona...


Hi folks! 
I am a passionate multi - disciplinary MW Art Director, a food fanatic and a lover of travel. I don’t have a bike and before you ask, yes I‘ve a beard but no weird tattoos for now.
I kickstarted this journey 5 years ago with my first stint at Browser London (one-year stand) followed by M&C Saatchi  - which turned out into a serious three-years relationship and now venturing as solo creative freelance for several agencies like Grey Possible.
Though out my career I’ve been working on fully integrated advertising campaigns (especially digital-innovation and experiential) for an array of international clients.
My projects and researches always gravitate around young brand-new cultures and trends. AKA: Let's do some cool stuff.
I am looking for a copy who wants to compete in bold and daring projects with lots of fun. I'm up for a chat anytime, especially if there are drinks involved!

Metro tubecast from Michele Bona on Vimeo.

Meet Jiayi Wang...


I'm Jiayi, a copywriter with 9 months of agency experience and a degree from Miami Ad School. 

I did internships at Ogilvy Tokyo, AKQA London, and McCann London. My partner has decided to leave advertising so I'm now looking for an art director to conquer another placement or full-time job! 

I'm into both big and small agencies, and love creating work with a meaningful message behind it. I don't settle for safe work, I like to be provocative. 

I'm very excited for the next experience, so if you like my work, let's grab a coffee and chat!

PORTFOLIO: www.jwangwork.com 
MOBILE: 07783910845

Meet Sherry Malik...


I am an art director, originally from London, currently working at Ogilvy New York. I am heading back to UK and looking for an experienced copywriter creative. Like myself, I’m looking for someone with at least a few years of experience in the industry or an agency.

In a partner, I always look for two things from the following list*:
sense of smell
sense of direction
sense of personal space
sense of humour
sense of time
sense of self 
sense of right and wrong
sense of alliance

*I hardly ever make a list…or at least on paper or in this case ePaper.


IKEA_HOSPITAL_BAG from Shaheryar Malik on Vimeo.

SIEMENS_MAUFACTURING from Shaheryar Malik on Vimeo.

AMEX_Plenti_Couples from Shaheryar Malik on Vimeo.

AMEX_Plenti_Outtakes from Shaheryar Malik on Vimeo.

Meet Georgie McCarthy...


Hello Art Directors – I’m Georgie.

I’m a mid-weight copywriter hailing from Sydney but living in London 

I enjoy making eye-contact on the Tube, milk in my tea and walking at a glacial pace down escalators. When I’m not being a smartass, I like to think up stuff and things for people and companies.
I’ve worked on everything from big budget tourism campaigns to TV-themed product launches that literally made people cry with joy. I’ve even written erotica for an online sex shop. Saucy. 

Contact me if you’d like to chat, pick my brain or teach me the proper way to drink tea. 

Meet Sergey Mast...


Mid-Level/Senior Art Director from Russia currently working in Asia. Ex. PhD mathematician and Internet entrepreneur. With a deep passion for technologies and storytelling through all kinds of whatever.

Beeline / Robbery from Sergey Mast on Vimeo.

X from Sergey Mast on Vimeo.

Beeline / Serious from Sergey Mast on Vimeo.

TRY ON AIR / AIRism / UNIQLO from Sergey Mast on Vimeo.

Heineken Trophy Tour / Wall from Sergey Mast on Vimeo.

UNIQLO Qubed from Sergey Mast on Vimeo.

Meet Mari...


Hey Art Directors,

I'm Mariana Rodrigues, a mid-level Copywriter/Conceptual thinker looking for partner to team up with.

I have 4 years of experience in London creating digital and experiential work, from product innovations to social films. I’m open to someone who has experience in ATL work as well, as if would make us a more powerful, integrated team.

My beloved partner is leaving London so I’m looking for someone as soon as possible. I’ve worked in agencies like Ogilvy, Lowe Profero and recently a small London shop called Nonsense.

Take a look at my work and hit me up if you'd like to chat :)

Talk soon,

Meet Rux...


But you can call me Ruxandra Dragan, the First of Her Name, or second, I don't know, Queen of the Fridge and the Computer and the First Men to use a Computer in a Fridge, Lord of the Burger Kingdoms, Protector of the Real M, Khaleesi of the Eastern European Grass Area, called Ruxandra Randomborn, the Unturnt, Mother of Budgies.

Who: I am an aspiring Creative with a passion for writing. A creative writer if you will.
Where: I studied Advertising & Brand Communication at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK.
What: I am passionate about everything around me. Apart from Broccoli.
Experience: Placement Level, did an Internship at Grey Advertising as a Planner. Safe to say I didn't enjoy it very much.