Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Meet Adam Hallows...


How do?

I’m a words guy who’d love to meet an image guy/girl.

I’m new to ad land, having done journalism, publishing, marketing and kitchen fitting – all while assessing which was best.

Having decided it was copywriting, I now find myself in urgent need of the Hall to my Oates. The Coen to my Coen.

I write for healthcare, design agencies, social enterprise and SME’s, so can do long and short, pith and pathos.

I’m London based, Hackney to be specific, but am from the north so I’m not afraid of… I don’t know, rain or whippets.

So if you want to start with some spec work, apply to agencies then take over the world, then I’m game if you are.

Start with a Gin Fizz?

All the best

Wirefast Product Overview from Wirefast on Vimeo.

PORTFOLIO: www.adamhallows.com 
TWITTER: @adamhthefirst
MOBILE: 077654 03529

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