Monday, 12 October 2015

Meet Benji Taylor...


Well it’s been 10 years in this game and I find myself needing an art director.

Hello, my name’s Benji, a brightly coloured sock wearing copy wrangler from West London. From the digital to traditional media, I struggle to find a media space I haven’t advertised in (I've even invented a drink) - and that’s the way I like it .

This is a digitally driven world but I don’t just ‘do digital’ for the sake of it - I believe in producing the right outcome - not the fashionable one - whatever that may be.

Advertising doesn’t need to change, it simply needs to adapt.

A great idea is still a great idea and an engaged audience is still an engaged audience.

I’m looking for an art director who enjoys a laugh, great work and thinks that a pair of brightly coloured socks attached to a conceptual copywriter in his early 30s is just what they need in their life right now. To find out more, give me a shout.

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