Friday, 14 August 2015

Meet Gabi...


Gabriella Gasparini, or Gabi (DISCLAIMER: this is the part where I talk in third person pretending I actually hired a skilled writer to comment and reflect on my existence in the creative industry world.) is a Central Saint Martins graduate whose drive for adventure took her all the way to Tokyo to work as a creative at Ultra Super New where she made the most of learning about Japanese culture and subcultures, all whilst munching on sushi and parading in cosplay, of course! 

Previous internships include placements at VCCP London, Scarfilm in Rome and Assistant Director on music videos in the UK. She is currently residing in London but will happily move to any corner of the world.

She's looking for an Art Director who loves words as much as he loves images and, most importantly, who shares her same drive for adventure and risk taking. 

Gabi is fun, outgoing, likes food with jellyish textures, anything pastel goth, neoboy, seapunk or subculture-related. She changes hair colour like it’s going out of fashion, and in her spare time, is a poet, nail-artist, karaoke singer and professional cat lover. 


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