Thursday, 30 June 2016

Meet Sarah Daniel...


Hi all, my name is Sarah, I'm London based and on the hunt for a creative partner. I'm coming into the world of advertising from a graphic design background but hoping to build a fluid relationship as I like to do copy as well. I've been writing since I was about three so I've got lots of experience. I had a bit of trouble initially with the letter S (I used to write it backwards) but I overcame this minor hiccup and moved swiftly on to joined-up handwriting. These days I'm accomplished in all the standard tools of the trade - biro, sharpie, HB pencil - you name it, I can write with it. If you're a bit of a hipster I could be convinced to use a typewriter, but I draw the line at unicycles. 

When my mind wanders of to the hopefully not-to-distant future, I dream about creating work with lots of humour, work that helps the world and work that pushes boundaries. I realise that in reality I'll probably be flogging toilet roll, but that's ok too. 

I'm at the early stages of an advertising career but I have worked in various other roles so I know plenty about the world of work.  

If you want to know more, please visit my profile on behance and get in touch. 

MOBILE: +447730277736

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