Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Meet Matt Hurst...


Hello! I'm a recent ad-grad from university, spent a month at 
Havas as a junior creative before coming to the conclusion that the 
pharmaceutical design side of the industry wasn't for me. I'm now 
looking for a partner to put a whole new book together to approach 
agencies for intern/junior positions.
I'm currently based between Manchester & Leeds, so if you're in the 
north, that might help. I'm currently putting some money aside to get 
myself down to London as I've managed to establish some great contacts 
which might be able to help get my (see: our) book seen at Saatchi, 
Ogilvy, Grey, JWT, among others. The problem for now however is getting 
that book together and to a standard we're comfortable with!
I'd say I'm definitely more visual so if I had to pick a side it would 
be an art director, so that would mean I'm traditionally looking for a 
copywriter however if you've got a foot in both camps, definitely get in 
touch, we can work it out.
I know the location thing might be a problem for now, but that will 
hopefully be changing soon.

Get in touch!

PORTFOLIO: http://matthurst.co.uk
PDF BOOK: www.matthurst.co.uk/book_mh.pdf
EMAIL: hello@matthurst.co.uk
TWITTER: @adMattHurst

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