Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Meet Phil Brewer...


Now that i’ve got your attention, would you like to have sex?
Hi, i’m Phil - a copywriter looking for an art director, and not actually looking to have sex with you at all. I was just using the power of advertising to lure you in, sucker.
A mid-weight creative who’s previously spent 5 years at Karmarama and the past year freelancing solo, i’m now searching for an art director who’s aspiring to make work that is “very good” and not “very not good”.
To help you decide if i’m right for you (and vice-versa), I’ve handily included a list of attributes you must, and must not have, if we’re likely to work together successfully…
You Must Not:
- Be a murderer. (Sorry, but i really must insist here - if you’re a murderer, i’m not your guy. Try the post below, they’re big fans of murderers i’ve heard).
- Have a bitter and violent hatred of people called ‘Phil Brewer’.
- Be a future version of me who’s come back to destroy me. Jog on, you handsome future fuck.
You Must:
- Have a burning passion for stuff, specifically - things and etc.
- Have new info on exactly *where* in Cuba 2pac is currently hiding.
- Breathe.
If that sounds like you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me via email, or, for all you cool teens out there - hit me up on Myspace, dudes: 


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