Saturday, 1 October 2016

Meet Eytan Smith...


Hi there, 
I'm a Copywriter with a mixed year of placement and Junior Freelance experience. 
After reading Classive at Warwick I trained at the School of Communication Arts 2.0 where I met my last partner. Having worked at Hometown, Razorfish, Brothers & Sisters and Poke she and I split because I wanted to pursue more traditional and integrated agencies (we're still very good friends). Since then I've been on placement at Fold7. 

As a partner, I bring some serious organisation to the table, along with determination and baked goods. I'm comfortable coming up with the visuals and love it when my partner has ideas for the copy, but I do love crafting copy, so basically I'm pretty flexible. 

Somebody with previous experience in the industry and who knows what they want would be the dream. My ideal partner has loads of drive, a love for their craft and a positive mental attitude. However I'm pretty open to different personality types, let's just meet up for a beer/coffee/tea/whatever you drink and see if we click.

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