Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Meet Biff...


My name is Philip Smith, but I go by the name of Biff.

I'm a 24 year old illustrator, designer and art director. I'm going to say i'm a junior? Because that matters. Weymouth in Dorset is currently my home. However, I'm looking to move back to London ASAP. I spent 2 years in London before moving to New York for a few months for a job. It blew my mind, so i'm just looking to pick the momentum back up. "Never go backwards"- somebody said once.

I've created assets for apps, posters for book releases, prints for charity and storyboards for TV ads. Studios and agencies i've worked for include; Razorfish, Radical Media, Studio Moross, Print Club London, Ghostly Ferns and a load more on more of a freelance basis.

Boring work is for boring people. Who wants that? Nobody that's who. I want to make interesting work for interesting people. Let's make things with our hands, lets pitch a short film, let's direct an event. I'm down.

Let's get beers and/ or coffees. 


MOBILE: 07842246289
INSTAGRAM: @biffstudio

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