Thursday, 14 January 2016

Meet Marc Gibb...


Areet (Hello)
I’m Marcus Gibb and I’m a Geordie (from Newcastle upon Tyne, now living in London).
Me ma always telt us “shy bairns get nowt” and I’m “geet canny as owt” (My Mother always told me to be forthcoming and I’m an extremely pleasant chap).
So here goes...
I'm a Midweight creative/copywriter now living in London, and looking for an art director to take on our fine capital city.
I've got experience writing for TV, radio, press, social and outdoor and looking for someone with the same experience.
I’m what my late granddad would call a “grafter”, and my current creative director quotes as having “a real Geordie work ethic”, working hard at what I do because I enjoy it, and well that’s the way I was brought up. 
Newcastle is constantly topping polls about the friendliest people and the most loveable accent, so don't be scared, give me a shout! 

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