Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Meet Lav...


Full-time weirdo looking for a partner in crime and maybe doing some ads. 

I've done 5 placements after finishing at SCA 2.0. Mr. President, M&C Saatchi and VCCP with my old partner. Sadly my partner got deported (he's an Aussie). I was at Havas Work Club for a bit as a single, and then worked with someone at AMV (where I'm at now until xmas) but we've decided to part ways. 

I'm looking for an Art Director who is laid back and fun and works just as well in a pub as they do at their desk. Ideally it would be someone with a bit of experience under their belt as I'd be keen to get hired asap, but it's all down to the portfolio and how well we get on really!

I've attached a few ideas (rest are on my old portfolio), the embedded video, won a New Blood D&AD Pencil in 2014. I like to do non-advertising kind of advertising, led by insights and solving problems. 

PORTFOLIO: (old portfolio with ex partner)
PORTFOLIO: (work in progress, but it's got some non-ad stuff I've done)
MOBILE: 07769320235

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