Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Meet Ali Gill...


Hi, I’m Ali – I’m looking for a creative partner in crime. I’m a bit of an all-round creative (I studied English, then did a foundation course in Graphic Design), but I’m ideally looking for an art director.
I’ve been round agencies trying to get hired as a solo creative, so have built up some good contacts, but have pretty much been told to come back with a partner.
I like ‘traditional’ advertising that doesn’t look or feel like advertising (Paul Belford’s art direction, Walter Campbell and Jonathan Glazer’s TV ads), ads that are brutally honest (Marmite, Hans Brinker etc.) and everything done by 4Creative in the last 3 years.
I’d want to put some new work together and then get placements fairly quickly, so I’m looking for someone who loves hard work, but is capable of having a laugh whilst doing so.
If this sounds like your sort of thing then please drop me an email, then we can grab a coffee/pint and discuss teaming up.

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