Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Meet Phil McDonald...


Hey, I'm Phil

I’ve have moved to London from Melbourne in search of bigger, brighter and bolder challenges. 
I thrive on big, boundary and rule breaking ideas and being able to draw 
upon my inner smartass. Now I am looking for a creative partner to help me find those adventures.
I have completed AWARD School, in Melbourne, and am now looking to bring that experience to life. I have also worked as a Senior Designer, primarily in the retail side, where I’ve dabbled in everything from concepts to finished art.
I'm looking for a partner with the same creative drive as me, primarily a copywriter, but if the fit is there i am happy to work with other Art directors, or somebody who dabbles in both.
Check out my work and if it sounds like we could work together hit me up for a chat. 


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