Sunday, 15 January 2017

Meet Jose Daniel Rodriguez...


Hi people on Earth.
I'm Seda. Hybrid Creative. (Good on scripts, suck in headlines) + (Overall good art art director and really handy graphic designer with advanced knowledge in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and AE).

Junior in Spain, just a placement in the UK. Where I'm starting again my career. 
6 months in dimension (Spain) where we won 1 cannes lions,
3 months in DDB (Berlin) 
and 6 months in RKCR Y&R (where I finish this december)

I'm specialised on storytelling, promo & activation, product design and overall crazy bold creativity that most of the times surprises the client but is not within their budget. 
My hobbies are photography, drawing and reading. (So I don't stop learning). 

I'm looking for an English native Hybrid or Art Director to join forces, have fun and enjoy every brief. 

Currently thinking of Wieden, Mother or BBH. Either for another placement or a Junior position. 
Hit me if you want to have a beer and talk about adverts.


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