Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Meet Anh Nguyen...


I graduated from portfolio school in Atlanta last year and have been freelancing in NYC for the last three months (Grey and Campbell Ewald). Now I’m ready to go back to Europe to pursue my advertising dream and also be closer to home. I’m originally from Vietnam, but my family now lives in Ukraine and I spent seven years studying and working in the UK before moving to the US for school.

I’m looking for an AD soulmate who has deep appreciation for concept and craft, who is excited about innovation and technology and how they can drive creativity forward. I consider myself a writer who doesn’t just write (I’m great with After Effects), so my ideal partner would be someone who doesn’t just art direct either.

Check me out and get in touch!

PORTFOLIO: anhsbrightideas.com
EMAIL: anh4ik@gmail.com
MOBILE: +1 (470) 535-7314

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