Thursday, 29 September 2016

Meet Danny Jones...


Danny Jones.
No not the guy from Mcfly. The 23 year old scouse copywriter actually!

Fresh out of the University of Central Lancashire, myself and my Singaporean art director managed to bag ourselves a new blood pencil and our first placement in London. (Havas Worldwide).

After a 2 month stint in the industry, we sadly had to split up due to visa issues and now he's been boxed up and sent back to his motherland. So I need an art director!

I live by the philosophy of where most of us see a problem, I see an opportunity. With ideas at the heart of everything (a great one) and you're slick art direction I like to think we can scare the life out of our seniors in the industry and make our way to the top.

Message me, poke me, or just give me a ring. I like new people and maybe we can sort a great book out and fly through a few agencies.


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