Thursday, 29 September 2016

Meet Matty Pickles...


Hello there,

Yes, unfortunately that is my real surname. It’s actually relatively common in Yorkshire (but then again, so are in-breeding and webbed feet).

I’m a junior copywriter at an integrated agency in London. Beforehand, I studied at the School of Communication Arts and did the placement rounds at agencies including Leo Burnett, McCann and M&C Saatchi.

Now I’m looking to team up with a shit-hot partner who has at least two years of agency experience, a passion for ATL work and the drive to make amazing ads.

As my scamps look like they’ve been drawn by an arthritic crab, I’m looking for someone who’s more art-led. That said, I like to work collaboratively so it’s all good if you like to write too.

Away from the office, I play loads of sport, have been described as ‘the most northern man ever’ and drink three pints of milk a day.

If you’re an ambitious, jovial art director, get in touch and let’s grab a drink.

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