Thursday, 29 September 2016

Meet Razvan Mitache...


Hi, my name's Razvan Mitache, I'm a copywriter based in London. 

My partner's recently decided to bugger off saying advertising actually isn't for him. That leaves me in need of a new art director partner. 

I have 2 years' worth of experience in an agency and am a graduate of Falmouth University's Creative Advertising master's program. Apart from that I was a copywriter in a software company, as well, but I decided to get back to the creative side of things since that's where my heart is.
We were in the middle of creating a new portfolio when I found myself alone. If you follow my link, you'll find stuff from the past but what I'm more excited about is the future. I have a bunch of ideas -- arguably better -- lying around. To be honest this is just what I hastily put together because I feel a fire burning under my butt. 

I would like to try'em out with someone who finds all this interesting. 

Someone who's not gonna decide all of a sudden that they'd rather do knitwork. If you're gonna retire from this endeavour it'd better be at 80. I also have a few book crits available in the near future with JWT, Publicis and I'm all fired up to see other CD's as well.

But hey, first things first, and one guy is not a team. So who's in?

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