Friday, 26 June 2015

Meet Annabella Forbes...


Creative consultant, specialising in innovative problem-solving solutions, helping brands, businesses, charities & individuals. Mad about IDEAS.

Would like to partner with a very visual creative designer as think this would work well with what I have to offer.

Why partner with me?
Resourceful strategic thinker.
Conceptualisation rather than implementation.
Ideas on how to bring a product/service to life.
Develop content ideas.
Freelance scripting.

Product ideas, Brand names, Marketing strategies, Scripting & Directing.


My portfolio is not hugely image-based so here is a bit more detail about how I work:

2008 - Graduated with First Class BA HONS from Durham University in English & Anthropology. I have diverse experience in brand-naming and copywriting. My ability to find the core voice of a business or brand lends itself to understanding and conceptualising products, scripts and marketing strategies. I can synthesise ideas and initiate questions to help you find out what the real problem is before we solve it. I love brain-storming & innovation. I am also interested in behavioural change. Please get in touch if you’d like to know more. I am London-based and happy to work in-house.

INSTAGRAM: @forbesannabella
MOBILE: 07866156998

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