Friday, 17 July 2015

Meet Tommy Lai...


My name is Tommy and someday, I will be an excellent copywriter! However, before that happens, I need to find myself an art director and get really busy!

I hold a Diploma in Communication Design and I do have some knowledge when it comes to graphics and even animation. Although being an AD is something I could be great at, writing excites me a lot more. I am that annoying guy who corrects your grammatical mistakes in the middle of a conversation whom you will also expect to know that word you are looking for but can’t seem to remember. 

I am also a very honest person. I believe in a truth well told and will always tell it as it is, however brutal it may be - you have to be able to not take things too personally to work well with me. I am pretty shy at first but as soon as you find me being weird and saying/doing things not everyone would, it means I am getting more comfortable and in sync with your frequency. Once you get comfortable with me being me, the sky’s our limit.

At this very moment, I am a copywriting intern at Wunderman Singapore and will be back by the end of September 2015 to start my second year at Bucks Ad School. I am always on the lookout for placement/job opportunities and whatever fun stuff there is to do. 

I love karaoke too and you will have to deal with me singing a whole lot. I’m not even kidding here. I love performing and the world is my stage.


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