Friday, 17 July 2015

Meet Virginia Massone...


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Virginia, I am an Italian Junior Art Director coming from MA Creative Advertising at Falmouth University. As a lonely heart who just overcome a partnership breakup, I would like to find The Copywriter to rock the world in some good agency for an internship or, even better, for a job.

Let me briefly talk about myself, and see if you can spot any shared interest :) I’ve been keen to go into advertising because it seems to reflect my personality: creative but focused. My creative side includes drawing, dancing (from ballet to almost any kind of music) and sometimes singing. 
Whereas, my concrete side is about time managing skills and the sacrifice of my hobbies when deadlines come closer.

Moreover, I have a thing for kitties and probably would love using them for an ad campaign! Joking aside, I have an eclectic taste in advertising, and probably for this I have found it hard to define my top 5 ad agencies list. Nevertheless, I generally prefer traditional than digital media, but that doesn’t mean I am not open to any opportunity to grow professionally and personally.

If you think my work is good and you could be The One for me :D contact me and show your work, and let’s see if it can become true love! We can get in touch and meet in the flesh once I move to London, from the beginning of July. One last thing: London would be a great starting point, although I can consider other cities in the UK and elsewhere (eg. Amsterdam, anyone? :D).

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