Monday, 21 March 2016

Meet Bethany Applebee...


Hey AdLand,
I'm Beth, a Junior Art Director who is single and ready to mingle... and also looking for a copywriter. 

I'm looking for someone who works hard but has a damn good time doing it. I like to have a laugh whilst working, and if that involves working at the pub, then so be it.
The story of me goes, graduated in 2014 and since then have been doing placements at Rapp, Kindred, Iris, Partners Andrews Aldridge and most recently a start up agency called Soul, as well as some junior freelance work on the side. 
I've had my fill of placements now and am looking for someone to join me on my mission - if you should choose it - to get one of those magical job things everybody keeps talking about.

I originally trained as a photographer so I like to do that on the side, but I also like to fill my time with sketching, painting and being a not-so-famous youtube superstar, teaching people how to style short hair... You can probably tell that I like to be busy. 
If I sound like the type of gal you fancy working with, gizzus a shout and let's meet up. 

D&AD 2014, In book. (FIXR video)

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