Monday, 21 March 2016

Meet Oliver Adams...



My names Ollie. I'm 21. I'm from Liverpool studying in Edinburgh. I like Peep Show. I like Rock & Roll. I like football. I like inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide...

I'm a final year Graphic Design and believe it or not I'm on the hunt for a creative partner! Ideally, 'said partner' would have skills in both copywriting and art direction, as I'm not entirely sure what I class myself as yet. However, I think the majority of my skills lie within art direction so if you solely want to be a copywriter I COULD BE PERSUADED. 

I've completed a few different internships throughout the UK, but I've not got a wealth of advertising experience. However, my final project at Uni is solely going to be aimed towards building an advertising portfolio, so it would be good to chat with people about that! (I'm dead good and making stuff look well nice and that though). 

I've attached a brief in which we were told to "take something simple and make it complicated". in Art School. 

I want my partner to be someone that I get on with, so if I've caught your attention thus far then you can catch my details below.

MOBILE: +44 (0)7912304526 

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