Monday, 21 March 2016

Meet Onaysa Patel...


An ideas person on the hunt for an Art Director who I can build a great portfolio with, come up with incredible ideas and start our careers in AdLand with some smashing placements. 

I'm an avid OMBLE (One Minute Briefs) and have won a number of times with my ad ideas featured in The Telegraph and shortlisted for WWF's Earth Hour campaign. I'm currently doing School of Thought, a 12 week ideas course where I'm working on 12 briefs which get critiqued by the creative directors of different agencies in Manchester. 

In my previous life, I was a Geographer where I did spend about ten minutes of my three years colouring in a map which may or may not explain my lack of solid art skills. The one thing that I did learn was that nothing is as it seems. You always have to dig deeper, beneath the surface to find the reality which I think is a necessary skill in advertising. 

Looking for an AD primarily in Manchester but would be willing to relocate. 

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